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Helping People Find Richness in Life and Relationships

Individuals Counseling

I applaud your courage! You’ve come to a place where you realize you need an experienced counselor to help you. You’ve taken an important step, and that’s great news!

Maybe your heart is broken. Negative habits are interfering with your peace. A traumatic situation has you in a cycle of moving two steps forward, but three steps back. Situations differ, but please know that healing is possible.

Together we’ll explore the challenge areas, identify root causes, and get tools and skills that can move you toward the healing, peace, and joy you desire.

Couples Counseling

I found whom my soul loves, but…hurt, misunderstanding, betrayal, neglect, abuse, or distraction have strained that love. Spouses and partners who are struggling in the relationship often feel they are the only ones experiencing this and that there’s no hope.

The truth is, every couple experiences struggles in their relationship; some minor, some major. That is why we’ll explore tools from experts like Gottman, Eggeriches, Feldhahn, and Paul. We’ll learn how to communicate so we actually hear and understand each other. But most important, together we’ll see how turning things around IS possible in the vast majority of cases.


I conduct sessions with young adults, adults, and couples.

Areas include:

Appointment Schedule

Mondays and Tuesdays appointments begin at 10am. The last appointment starts at 8pm. Appointments are scheduled on the hour.



The following insurance plans are accepted:

  • Blue Care Network
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross Complete
  • BlueCare Network Advantage

Cash Rate

I will work with you directly for a reduced cash pay rate.

Payments, including copays, are received prior to the session start.

There is a $50 fee for missed appointments.

I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash, check, and Health Savings Account Visa/MC Debit cards.

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